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Revealing tiny mysteries of living biodiversity

Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii

Courtesy  of Natacha Merritt (2021)


In light of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Compound Eyes joins the effort for immediate aid and long-term support of Ukraininan people.



Important developments in biodiversity are in progress; we aim to meet this moment with a blend of hard science and arresting aesthetics that will mobilize public interest. By investing in the audio visual tool set of science, Compound Eyes seeks to reveal the tiny mysteries of living species, before many disappear. As such, our focus is primarily on lesser known - and very rarely seen with the naked human eye.


Art is an essential complement to science. It not only inspires future topics of scientific research, but connects the general public to the subject matter on a deeper level.


Compound Eyes is dedicated to enhancing our capacity to visualise the elusive and multifaceted complexities of living biodiversity in all its color.  Our two main objectives are to provide the resources for scientific teams to improve their abilities to visualize and monitor biodiversity, and maximize the reach of their work through revelatory never before seen imagery.


We support multimodal efforts to increase capacity and quality of biodiversity monitoring. Our focus is on biodiversity projects - grounded in rigorous scientific methodology- that are innovating with or can benefit from enhanced multimedia technologies such as in-field imaging, augmented reality, virtual reality, topography, audio recording, and other novel methods of capturing waves and forms.