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Compound Eyes foundation is focused on biodiversity monitoring and humanitarian aid and the intersection of both.

Biodiversity and Climate Change

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Humanitarian Intervention

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About Us

Our foundation was born in december of 2021. Initially with a small personal donation from Natacha. Our goal was to fund ongoing scientific research in the field of taxonomy. Specifically our first grants were dedicating to increasing scientist budgets to augment their audio visual capture capacity. Our preference being “charismatic cryptic species.” Our main criteria for selecting grantees was simple: can this create more Koalas?” meaning, can we help these researchers create amazing imagery of cryptic species that can contribute to mainstream love and admiration for species that up until now have been under appreciated.  ​ Our first grants went to taxonomists specialising in among others, cave species, carnivorous plant glands, micro wasps and seeds.  ​ When the Russian invasion of Ukraine began our donors began asking for more… they wanted us to help the Ukrainian people. Public foundations can, at any time, shift their focus to urgent humanitarian causes. And so that is what we did. We focused on saving lives. As it happens, environmental pursuits often must take a back seat while humans are saved. Our humanitarian efforts in ukraine surpassed our wildest ambitions: withing months we enables over 10,000 evacuations, and provided life saving heavy machinery (baby incubators, rescue vehicles, mobile hospitals, etc.). Today, after a year of supporting Ukraine, we are active in rebuilding, with a focus on providing Ukrainians whatever they need to help them continue to be the bread basket of the world. This entails de-mining equipejment, tractors for agriculture, and citizen science initiatives to begin to reconstruct seed bank and crucial global food ressource related science on the ground.

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Demining for Agriculture

Partnering with local sapper teams, Compound Eyes is supporting search and neutralization operations for landmines in Eastern Ukraine. By providing transportation, equipment, and supplies, PinkBus is helping to ensure the safety of local communities and humanitarian workers.

Essential Maternity Ward Equipment

Recognizing the critical importance of maternal and infant healthcare during times of crisis, Compound Eyes has launched a project focused on providing essential resources and services to expectant mothers, newborns, and healthcare professionals in Ukraine. Through this initiative, they have successfully delivered baby incubators to remote villages, supplied medicine and other necessities to maternity wards, and provided ambulances equipped for the safe and efficient transportation of pregnant women and infants during emergencies. Their ongoing efforts ensure that mothers and infants receive the vital care they need during these challenging times.

Caring for Displaced Children

The foundation has been actively involved in providing not only the secession of basic needs but also the fulfilment of children's social and emotional needs in the regions overwhelmed by the mass exodus from Eastern and Southern Ukraine to the west.

Basic Supplies from Staples to Generators

In a significant milestone, PinkBus has distributed over 1,000 water filters to communities in need across Ukraine. This initiative improves access to clean water for countless individuals, providing a basic necessity that is essential for health and well-being during these challenging times.

Our Latest Humanitarian Work


Annual Bioblitz

Gathering of world experts and grant recipients to share their research. In the French Provence, the foundation hosts an annual event that serves to start a dialogue among otherwise esoteric researchers all the while giving them a chance to practice their craft in the field.


Documentation of cave invertebrates in the Caucasus mountains.  In the Caucasus caves, urgent documentation of biodiversity was necessary in light of magnesium mining. Compound Eyes grant enable a dedicated imagining component to the study.

Our Ongoing Biodiversity Projects

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Humanitarian Action



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