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Compound Eyes is proud to sponsor Operation Pinkbus in their expanding humanitarian coordinated effort to provide immediate and direct medical tech equipment and resources procurement for the medical staff on the ground.

200+ missions

$1.5M+ raised from individual and corporate donors for individuals and groups on the ground

$2M+ worth of supplies and aid delivered for other organizations in Ukraine

30+ minivans

2 mobile hospitals

10+ 4x4 vehicles

1 medical training mannequin countless tourniquets and other everyday medical supplies

30+ tons of food

200+ electric generators

Diesel and kerosene

Prenatal incubators

3+ ambulances

Compound Eyes Foundation created Operation Pinkbus at the onset of the Russian aggression against Ukraine. Initially funded and supported by a couple of dozen Silicon Valley veterans, Pinkbus has grown into an international grassroots-action oriented mission supported by a wide network of professionals and individuals.

Natacha Merritt is the head of operations as well as the chairman of the board of the foundation. She has been present on the ground since the beginning of the war, personally delivering the original thirteen minivans from Lithuania to the Ukrainian border.
We have been too busy to regularly update our web presence, but you can find the major traces on

With our partners, we have created a logistical network that delivers critical aid to the people working on bettering the lives of others on the ground. Today many Western organizations trust us to deliver their aid, because have have a zero-loss reputation. Compound Eyes Foundation could not accomplish what it has without their invaluable partners in Ukraine (both individuals and government officials), Poland, and abroad.



* For security purposes we are determined to keep quantities and delivery times vague and unclear for the duration of the Russian aggression against Ukraine.


Courtesy  of Natacha Merritt (2022)

Compound eyes is dedicated to sight and the implications that come from our ability to see more and therefor understand more about the ingenuity of living creatures. 

We require no better sight to see the current devastation in Ukraine. Suddenly we are focused on human ingenuity, and it has delivered and must continue to mobilize. As such, for the past 6 weeks Compound Eyes has redirected our teams' efforts to provide immediate humanitarian aid in a guerrila fashion. Under the heading, Operation Pinkbus, we have mobilized hundreds and thousand of dollars that we have been able to use to conretely aid the evacuation of 2085 women, children, senior citizens and people with various disabilities since the very first weeks of the invasion (count updated on April 4, 2022). For more details on Operation Pinkbus, visit

Although our commitment in times of peace has first and foremost focused on visualizing the tiny mysteries of the living biota, in times of war we must do our all to set the standard of human potential. If we cannot help fellow humans how will our human tribe ever see, reveal, and collaborate with the treasure trove of all living creatures.

Click here for a PDF where you can learn about our initial Ukrain evacuation mission. We ran our mission as a rapid operation, aptly named Operation Pinkbus, and you can read more about it at

Our second phase is a hybrid of urgent help in evacuations, to help the scientific community, monitoring post-disaster zones, immediate evacuation of collections needs, and preparing to fund legal action for war crimes committed and reconstruction.


Here's an updated media release as of Nov. 11, 2022. Click here for the PDF. Reach out to us directly via email with specific evacuation needs or other related initiatives. 


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