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Courtesy  of Natacha Merritt (2021)

Application Guidelines

Successful projects will contribute to the streamlining of collection, analysis, and dissemination of scientific data, and will have the capacity to be augmented by innovative media capture, all of which will be made freely available to the scientific community.

  • A cover letter describing the current status and support (if any) for your project, and how support from Compound Eyes will contribute to and/or enhance your project. Describe how images produced will be made available.

  • A 2 page description of the project (excluding figures, references, and appendices). 

  • A budget of up to 5,000 euros, timeline, and anticipated deliverables, including but not limited to publications, scientific talks, and public outreach. 

  • CVs for principal participants along with a brief description of the roles each will play.

  • The names and contact information for at least three individuals qualified to review your proposal. Reviewers should not be from the same institution as any of the applicants, and should not share ongoing collaborative projects. 

  • Submit your application as a single PDF document on the foundation website ( by 31 March 2022. 

Awardees will be expected to provide periodic blog accounts of their progress for the foundation, and a summary of their result, including successes, challenges, and mistakes. Awardees must accept specific conditions to receive funds. 

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